Goods and Services

The Seller/Donor is responsible for delivery or shipping of a good once it has been purchased at the conclusion of a successful auction with the final price inclusive of postage unless otherwise detailed.

The Seller/Donor agrees to ship the goods within three (3) days of notification of payment and the method of delivery is based on the arrangements set by the Seller/Donor at the beginning of the auction. The Item may be collected by the Buyer or be delivered to the Buyer by Australian Post, courier or other method specified by the Seller/Donor.

Please refer to the description and postage Instructions of the Item.



All tickets will be sent to the email address entered by the Buyer during the purchase process. The ticket contains a unique code that can only be used once for entry on a first-used first-in basis. Should multiple tickets be purchased by the Buyer an email will be sent with a unique code to each individual Ticketholder.

The Event Organiser may ask each Ticketholder to present valid picture identification when attending the event to be granted admission. This identification must match that on the ticket. No refunds will be processed for Ticketholders who do not have valid identification and are denied entry. If Tickets are purchased for other people, not individually identified on the ticket, the Buyer must be in attendance upon entry.   


Shipping & Insurance

It is recommended that where an item is shipped, an appropriated insurance cover is purchased along with any shipping costs.

If goods listed by a Seller have been damaged in transit, then it is the Seller’s responsibility to refund the Buyer directly. The Seller may choose to recover this cost by applying for insurance from the shipping company.  

If goods listed by a Donor have been damaged in transit, then it is the Donor’s responsibility to contact Us to arrange a refund to the Buyer directly. A Fee of 6.00% will be charged for any refunds issued to cover Payment Processing Fees on initial payment and on refund. These fees will be payable by the Donor as invoiced and prior to any refund being issued. The Donor may choose to recover any cost by applying for insurance from the shipping company.



The Item sold may or may not be returned depending on your agreement with the Seller/Donor. All requests for return of the Item shall be made directly to the Seller/Donor concerned and We shall not be responsible for processing such requests.

The Seller/Donor agrees to conduct themselves in good faith, respond to communications with the Seller/Donor in the event of a dispute, and be bound by the outcome of any dispute resolution process that they enter into with the Buyer.

In no circumstances will the Seller/Donor ship goods outside Australia.

See Terms & Conditions for further details.