Frequently Asked Questions


What is Club Bid/Charity Bid?
Club Bid/Charity Bid is an online auction community, purpose built to assist sporting clubs, charities and not-for-profit organisations to raise much needed funds.

How do I register?
Click on the Register tab on the Home Page and fill in the registration form. Once all the fields have been completed and you have read the terms and conditions click ‘Sign Up’ to complete the registration process. Simply Log In using your email address and password to begin bidding.

How do I find my Club or Charity?
To view your Club or Charity page, search for it via ‘Find a Club or Charity’ on the Home Page. Simply, type in the club or charity name and choose from the drop down list. Your club or charity page will come up with all the items they have for auction.

How do I bid?
To place a bid, click on the item and click on 'Bid Now'. A box will pop up that allows you to type in your maximum bid. Once you have entered your maximum bid click 'Place Bid' and your bid will be automatically entered. If your bid is successful you will get a green thumbs up sign saying "You are currently the high bidder". In addition, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that you are currently the high bidder. If your bid doesn’t reach a bidders maximum you will get a red thumbs down sign saying "You have been outbid’. Please bid again".

How do I search for individual items?
If you are looking for a particular item, you can navigate through the ‘Categories’ side bar on the Club Bid/Charity Bid Home Page. Click on the category that interests you to bring up all the items listed in that category. We encourage you to search for, and support your club rather than individual items.

Why can't I see my maximum bid price on the site?
The site uses the silent auction or automatic bidding system allowing you to place your best offer and the site will bid on your behalf. You receive an email telling you are the highest bidder and will receive an email telling you if you have been outbid. Your maximum price is kept confidential from other bidders so you can win the item at the best possible price not just your maximum bid.

What is automatic bidding?
See Bidding Tips for more information about automatic bidding. 

How do I pay?
Payment is by credit card only and processed via Visa or MasterCard. When you have won an auction you will receive an email notifying you about the item and club/charity details. You need to LOG IN and go to ACCOUNT and click WON the item will appear click PAYNOW. Check the postage address is correct and enter your credit details and click "PAY". The club/charity will be automatically informed you have made a payment so they can ship the item.

Can people use Pay Pal?
No, all payments are made via Visa or MasterCard through our secure banking gateway developed by National Australia Bank (NAB).

What if the good is not what I thought it was or wasn't described properly can I get my money back?
If a good is not what you thought it was or wasn't described properly you may be able to get a refund. However, the item sold may or may not be returned depending on your agreement with the club. All requests for return of the item shall be made directly to the Club concerned. For more information please see Terms and Conditions.


How do I register my Club or Charity?
Please click Register your club or charity at the top of the Home Page, enter your Club or Charity name, your email address and follow the steps.

How long does it take to register?
There are 4 easy steps to register your Club or Charity and you can be listing auction items in minutes. Register Here 

How many items do we have to list?
There is NOT a minimum listing requirement. It is in your Club or Charities interest to list as many items as possible to increase your fund raising opportunities.

How much is this going to cost our Club or Charity?
We don’t charge any joining, listing or ongoing subscription fees. We charge a success fee only. For more information please register your club here.

Why should we join? What are the benefits?
Club Bid/Charity Bid gives you the ability to expand your Club or Charities online presence, fundraise 365 days of the year and give huge greater exposure to club sponsors, retailers or service providers. For more information about the benefits to your club  click here.

Why is Club Bid/Charity Bid good for sponsors?
Club Bid/Charity Bid is unique because we allow donors and sponsors to have their logo, website link and business description under every listed item for the duration of the auction. This means your sponsor’s logo can be viewed by thousands of people who visit the site, for more information about sponsorship exposure click here

How come we need a sub merchant agreement?
Using NAB’s sub merchant banking system, it allows us too easily and efficiently process payments. We process every transaction, issue receipts and deposit the money directly into your Club or Charity bank account which you can track online. No more tedious invoicing, your treasurer will love it.