Who are we?

Club Bid/Charity Bid is an online auction community dedicated to making fundraising easier, less demanding and ultimately improving the financial position of the clubs and charities we work with. The site gives you the ability to create an online presence, allowing you to fundraise 365 days of the year and give greater exposure to your sponsors.

Club Bid/Charity Bid is dedicated to the idea that the future of community, club and charity based fundraising is online.

Coming from a grass roots club environment, we understand the importance of club success to their local communities. We understand that in order for your club and charity to grow and support your cause, clubs and charities must work together.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in club administration, fundraising, sports management, media and design, and business. We take a hands on approach with all our clients and assist with sourcing, listing and managing your auction items. Our service allows you to expand the auction room beyond your members and we can attend your auction night, Gala Ball or fundraising event to assist your members to bid and buy.

We are a solutions based organisation with a focus on helping clubs and charities to raise much needed funds and achieve their goals.

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Why we exist

We exist because we want all sporting clubs, charities and not-for-profit organisations to succeed.

The Club Bid concept was developed after identifying struggles sporting clubs faced with fundraising, attracting new sponsors, increasing fees, recruiting volunteers and sponsorship retention. As a result, we have developed Club Bid, an online auction site purpose built to raise funds for sporting clubs.

During development we quickly realised that many of the challenges facing sporting clubs were very apparent for charities, hence the birth of our partner site Charity Bid. Charity Bid provides organisations and individuals the opportunity to create a profile; source and list items and proceeds go directly towards your cause and fundraising target.

Our mission is to make fundraising easier, less demanding and ultimately improve the financial position of clubs and charities by generating more revenue, enhancing their ability to attract new sponsors and ensure their financial viability.

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About CSA

Club Solutions Australia Pty Ltd ('CSA') was established to provide support to sporting clubs, charities and other incorporated entities and associations across Australia with strategic, business and fundraising solutions.

The business evolved out of the recognition that many clubs and charities need assistance in business planning and fundraising.

We have developed a strong team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in club administration, fundraising, sports management and business that give us the ideal skills to assist any club in need.

With a focus on practical solutions we believe our product will revolutionise the way clubs interact with local businesses and their communities.

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More info

For more information about the Club Solutions Australia Group, our services, what we offer or how your Club or Charity can benefit from a partnership with us please email info@clubbid.com.au, call (03) 9020 7339 or use the contact us form.